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ECOLOG international and it's recourses .
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Don’t wait – challenge us – we’re ready for take


ECOLOG international and it's recourses in Aviation;

Don’t wait – challenge us – we’re ready for take

Highlight /– our aviation services.
For you we take to the air.
As logistics specialists, we naturally also provide flight services. Wherever you may be, we
support you in the management of all operation sequences. With skill, flexibility, and
experience, we master even difficult challenges, such as the safe air transport of
4,000,000 liters of diesel fuel from the United Arab Emirates to Kabul.
Something special : we are able to apply a special authorization issued by RAMCC that

Highlight /– our aviation services. For you we take to the air.

Highlight /– our aviation services. For you we take to the air.



ECOLOG International Service Solutions.

We’re mobile so you can stay mobile.
ECOLOG international and it's fuel recourses.

Mobility saves lives.

Mobility saves lifes.
A continuous supply of high-quality fuel guarantees your mobility and thus your ability to
take action, as well as your survival. We will supply any kind of fuel: whether you need
diesel, gasoline, kerosene, winter diesel, or additives. Our fuels will also withstand the
harshest environmental conditions.
As a complete source of military supplies, we have established our own fuel depots in the
crisis zones of the world. We also have the solution for deployments to (nearly) inaccessible
regions: we have developed a mobile fuel station that can be brought to any site. At
any time.

ECOLOG international and it's capability in modern technology;
Exchange /leads to solutions.

ECOLOG International Service Solutions.
We offer you everything you need from a single
source for dependable communication:

Exchange leads to solutions.

Communication is often a matter of survival for your deployments in the world’s conflict
areas. But this is precisely where the necessary infrastructure is usually lacking. Ecolog has
the solution. With a satellite-supported mobile GSM network, we ensure that you can be
easily reached anywhere in the world.
We offer you everything you need from one source for dependable communication:
mobile communication units, ground relay stations, telephones and phone cards.
Wherever you may be, we enable you to phone, being online, send and receive e-mails,
data and pictures.


EOLOG international catering services around the globe.
ECOLOG International Service Solutions.

ECOLOG International Service Solutions.

Highquality /meets your demands.

More than just good food.
Managerial skills are needed for obtaining, distributing, and preparing nourishment for
many people. Our food & beverage chief has expert knowledge of the highest standards
worldwide in the food and beverage management sector. With a team of specialists, he
ensures that you and your men and women receive restaurant-quality food.
Since enjoyment and health go hand in hand, we also take special cultural needs into consideration
and we design our menus keeping in mind the optimal nutritional physiological.

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ECOLOG international Delivery services arround the globe


ECOLOG international Delivery services arround the globe.

No matter where you are.

Our containers – your mobile house.
Many years of experience in trailer construction and manufacture enable us to build each
client their own unique, personal trailer. We will make a “home” out of your trailer. With furniture,
toilets, showers, fixtures, regularly-scheduled cleaning, maintenance, and repair.
Or perhaps you need a hospital ward, an internet café, or a call center?
We will set it up for you.
Naturally, prefabricated trailer models are at your disposal at all times. Thanks to our
high-tech heating and air conditioning facilities, we will provide “comfort temperatures” in
all of our units.

Ecolog AG is the international specialist for
mobile infrastructure services. We provide
armed forces and organizations in crisis
zones with tailor-made logistics and service
In 1998, we started as the pioneers in a
whole new industry, today we are the market
leader in an expanding business sector.
Many years of experience, sound specialist
knowledge, and a worldwide network all
make us a dependable partner. First class
service and flexibility are our trademarks.
In everything we do, we use or apply:
qualified personnel
high-quality materials
innovative technologies
regularly scheduled quality controls
exemplary environmental stewardship
Ecolog’s headquarters are in Düsseldorf.
Independent national companies are located
in Macedonia, Kuwait, Dubai, and Turkey.
Today, Ecolog AG employs hundreds of
experts and workers in a large number of
locations worldwide.
Afghanistan and Iraq are two of the main
areas where we are deployed. Wherever crises
are developing or escalating, we are there
right away.
We offer you all-around maintenance and
provisioning from one source from
a wide spectrum of life support services. We
quickly find optimal solutions to meet
new challenges.

Ecolog –
We make infrastructure mobile.


Ecolog Logistics

Networks / for rapid and reliable supply.

Ecolog Logistic – synonym for outstanding services.

A synonym for outstanding services.
Our worldwide logistics network is the foundation of all our services and performances. We
have succeeded in constructing a highly developed logistics system in the world’s crisis
zones. In doing so, we have set standards that have yet to be equaled.
Thanks to our widespread network, which also includes flight services, we are able to guarantee
appropriate provisioning at all times. We guarantee fast and reliable delivery, whether
it is for a letter, equipment, or even entire facilities.



Elixir / the supply of water and energy are crucial for survival.

Ecolog: your specialist for the necessities.
We make sure that you do not lack any essential life support resources. Ecolog supplies you
with high-quality potable and non-potable water, even in the remotest areas. We accomplish
this task with deliveries, through cooperation with approved local water suppliers,
or if needed with modern water recycling installations. In each case, our experts take care
that you do not have to abandon accustomed water quality.
Today, deployments to the world’s war zones are inconceivable without high-tech.
We provide reliable solutions to fulfill your power needs. Our high-quality generators, our
skilled technicians, and our fast spare parts service provide you with security.



Portable Toilets
Needs without frontiers.

In areas without plumbing, we provide you with the highest-quality mobile sanitation
technology. Depending on your cultural needs, we supply you with Western- or Easternstyle
toilets. In either case, we use exclusively sturdy, long-lasting portable toilets fromwell-known and respected manufacturers.

Certainly, we also take care of cleaning and desinfection, we supply you with toilet tissue and
soap, and we perform regularly-scheduled maintenance. As part of our services, we empty
the tanks and dispose of waste water on a regular schedule.

In areas without plumbing, we provide you with the
highest-quality mobile sanitation technology.
Depending on your cultural needs, we supply you
with Western- or Eastern-style toilets.
In either case, we use exclusively sturdy, longlasting
portable toilets from wellknown
and respected manufacturers.
Hygiene plays a particularly important role in crisis
areas. We make it our job to ensure that you feel
(almost) like you’re at home. Therefore we also take care
of cleaning and disinfection, supply you with
toilet tissue and soap, and perform regularly
as part of our services, we empty the tanks and
dispose of wastewater on a regular schedule.
It goes without saying that we respect the most
stringent environmental guidelines.
As a leading innovator, we can even provide you with
sewage processing installations.

ECOLOG international services arround the globe.


Privacy /– we protect it.
A system keeps you safely clean.

A system keeps you safely clean.
Our own power supply as well as our vehicle vehicle fleet form the foundation of our trouble-
free laundry service.
The rational Ecolog system excludes mixups and guarantees optimal hygiene. Every soldier
receives a laundry bag with a personal identification tag, which aids in record keeping
during pickups and deliveries. Our system works on the following principle: one laundry
bag = one washer load = one dryer load. We treat your laundry as your private property:
everyone gets his or her “own” washing machine and “own” dryer.Naturally we also offer special laundry services


ECOLOG international services arround the globe.


Cleanliness /means quality of life – we take it seriously.
Cleanliness means quality of life.
We are cleaning professionals with many years of experience. Our qualified personnel
clean and maintain living, sanitary, and office facilities in an efficient, professional
manner, and they also clean your equipment. Naturally, we will also clean your vehicles
thoroughly, inside and out, including the engine!
We do not leave you in the lurch “outside” either. We clean work and open areas, and we
take care of winter service.


ECOLOG international services arround the globe.

Waste management and waste water disposal

Protection is mandatory for us.

Environment protection is mandatory for us.
A quick and thorough trash disposal service ensures health, well-being, and order. We dispose
of all collected refuse professionally and environment-friendly as possible. As needed,
we will provide the necessary conditions – with the most modern technology: whether
you need compost facilities for kitchen garbage or incineration facilities for household
trash or hazardous waste. We recycle as much as possible.
We also set the standards for sewage disposal. We start with a large selection of tanks for
all types of sewage and then we haul the sewage away in septic trucks on a regularly-scheduled
basis. But our service does not stop there. Professional sewage management includes
recycling. With progressive technology and regularly-scheduled quality control, we reclaim
water of the highest quality, for example in our treatment plant in Kabul.


ECOLOG international services arround the globe.


Providing room for life.

Infrastructure plays an especially important role in new construction or reconstruction. For
with the creation of a road system, the building of bridges, or the construction of hospitals
and schools, you are giving the people back their quality of life.
Whether building construction or excavation projects, new construction or reconstruction,
our qualified architects and engineers are at your side with experience and skill – from
consultation in the planning phase to organization and realization. One thing is for sure:
wherever you are, you can depend on us to supply you with the required construction


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